In 2014, the Karakorum Highway (KKH) was not a highway at all. It could one day become one.

During the twenty years of its initial construction, completed in 1978, a gigantic battle against the elements caused the death of about a thousand workers.

It now plays a major role in China's new expansionist policy, considerably reducing the time and cost of transporting goods from the Far East to the West compared to maritime routes. Chinese construction sites followed one another, in order to build all the structures necessary for a smooth flow of traffic. In 2014, the yellow central separation line was being painted on the asphalt parts.
The side valleys were full of rumours of espionage, Western collaboration with the Taliban, and savage repression of the Uighur people.

"The Yellow Line" is a photographic and poetic report on the three months spent travelling through part of the KKH, revealing its status as a mythical road.